In the wake of last September, the people and businesses of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover have a chance to raise each other up.

To support local businesses. To take advantage of special shopping promotions exclusively for our residents. And to make registers in our corner of the Merrimack Valley rock.

It all starts right here. Join us in supporting locally-owned businesses. And get ready to Rock the Register.

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Rock the Register Nift Card

Our communities have so much to offer and we want to celebrate that in a way that drives spending and generates lots of positive buzz about our shops, restaurants and service providers.

So, in an exciting new program aimed at helping businesses and households in the areas affected by last year’s Columbia Gas explosions city and town officials are mailing $30 Rock the Register Nift cards to 8,000 residences in the impacted areas of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. The cards can be used at participating local businesses. It’s a win-win for residents and businesses.

Who gets the card?

Households significantly impacted by the gas disaster, that applied and were validated by the community to receive philanthropic relief will receive the Nift cards, along with additional information starting the week of October 15th.